Friday, January 27, 2012

"Red Apple"

"Red Apple"
6 x 6 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
This painting came up unexpected for me today, I was busy all day with meetings and running errands.  It was a pleasant surprise to get home and see if I can produce one very quickly.  I wanted to see if I can push my self to get details or smaller forms down in the painting with more clarity, I feel lately some of my paintings have gotten a bit blurry in that area.  In a sense its more of a therapeutic thing for me to do in order to feel right about the direction I'm going for.  After painting it I had the pleasure of eating this delicious apple, it's been a while since I've had apples almost forgot how good they are.  


Scott Ruthven said...

Looks good Jonathan. The wood looks like it took a while to do...nice details. I suppose it would have been dorky to title it "Jonathan's apple". haha.

Artist in Disguise

Jonathan said...

Thanks @Scott Ruthven! The details in the wood was a lot of fun especially after adding the details to the apple. Hahhahah I dont think thats a bad title I'm gonna sit on it and see if I use it or not, thanks again!