Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Then I oil in the darks in the woven basket and inside the basket and also
touch up the background and make the tones relate more to each other.  
I am pleased with the result and the time it took me, this is the end of day 5.

I then oil in the background and see how my darks really look against the
lights.  I also got the frame and put the painting in the frame, so I can see
the end result.  This marks the end of day 4.

Then I started painting the apple and the apple peeler.  I start seeing the
painting come together.  Its a good idea to section off the painting in 
different areas to a finish, thats how Anthony Van Dyke painted.  Once you are 
done you move on to the next and take it to a finish.  When its done as a whole 
you can judge what needs improvement, its more of an efficient way to get a 
painting done, rather than just painting all over the place and not having a 
plan of execution.
I then took a break and painted the apples and lemon.  My darks were already
starting to sink in, but I will oil them in later.  Its a good idea to oil in your darks
though before you paint around them, it makes you see the darks better and you
can judge how high or low in chroma you wanna go.  When I am done painting this area I
am done with day 3.

Then I started painting the woven basket.  Getting those intricate areas was not
as difficult as I thought it would.  It was more generalizing the shapes.  At times
details are not so important.

I then started blocking in the wood area and started giving the background some
lighter tones.  I do this because when I start painting the apples in the middle 
ground the background and wood would be dry by then and I can alter any area
I want without worrying about the paint not being dry.  When I covered these areas 
it was the end of day 2.

This painting was done very quick, I had about five days to paint it... so I started
with the background which was the most broad area, I usually leave the background
till later (Which is not right) but I guess everyone has their own way of painting.  This
is the end of day 1.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pen & ink and also some watercolors!

This is another pen and ink sketch I did of Steve Jobs.  These are fun
to do when you wanna take a break from painting all day long.

These are some watercolors I did the other day, I don't do watercolor
much, but I wanna start dabbing into it more.  They are a lot of fun to
do, challenging but fun.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Greg and Di painting!

This painting was done for a very close friend, it was his 60th Birthday, and
I told his wife which is in the picture that I would paint him.  She loved
the idea, the thing she did not know that I was going to paint her in it!  First 
it was a surprise for him, and also a surprise for her since she didn't know
she was going to be in it.  It was so nice to see their reactions to the painting!

The pics I had to go off from was very difficult to judge the skin tone, since
it was taken at night and with a flash photo which flushes out the true
skin tones.  But I am somewhat happy with the results, if I had to do it
again, I would of gotten them posed for me and pic the right lighting
situation.  But it was for a surprise so it served its purpose!

The shirt was so much fun too paint!  it was so loose and expressive.  So was
his forehead.  Anyways enjoy and take care!!