Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Sliced Limes"

"Sliced Limes"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I wanted to create an interesting composition with some story mixed into it.  Limes are neat in shape their colors are pretty subtle too, its hard just to paint one in a frame you have to mix more into it.  I wanted to mix a whole bunch of them in one painting and create a story, it was fun playing around with this composition and then paint it.  The cutting board was another factor that played with this composition, its details and designs I believe works well with the overall painting.      
I started with just a dry brush approach using no mediums and just a bit of raw umber on the brush.  Once the drawing was complete I stated the background and the general colors of the wooden board.
Then with the wooden board I stated more of the general value shifts, at this stage I'm not worried about details just the general statement.  Then I added lighter values and its specific forms, I start to concentrate a bit more on details at this stage.
Then I add the general colors and big form modeling to the limes, I'm working on all the limes at once with each stage.  Then I added the darker values and its specific forms which insinuate more big form modeling. 
Then I add lighter values and highlights with its specific forms to take it to a finish.  As stated before I worked on all the limes at the same time with each value stage.  I hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by and viewing!


April Jarocka said...

A very lovely piece, and I agree: One lime would not have been enough. I like the knife slicing through the lime on the left.

I enjoyed a visit to your Etsy shop ~ particularly love your cauliflower and sprout painting.
Thank you for posting

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I enjoy your updated. What colors did you use on the limes? They look luscious!!

Janice said...

Very interesting to see how you broke your process down into steps, thanks for sharing! The painting looks great! :)

Brad Miedema said...

Such a cool idea! Love the composition. Very well done!