Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Fruit Tart"

"Fruit Tart"
6 x 6 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hi everyone first I wanted to let you guys know I'll be giving a demo on Wednesday, April 27 at Blick art material store in Edina.  If you'r around the area you should drop by I will be there from 1-4, this is for the 100th anniversary of being open.  There'll be live music and also great food, I might be to distracted to paint with all the food. 
This is another attempt to paint these delicious treats, I had to do this one because of the kiwi's and strawberries mixed into the usual group.  The colors and textures made it so much fun to try to paint, its always great to push yourself and achieve textures you'r not familiar painting.  There's also a lot of subtle value shifts in the body of the fruit tart, its great practicing these techniques it sharpens your skills in many ways.  Needless to say I enjoyed every bite when completing the painting, it's always a great incentive to finish.
I started with the usual dry brush approach using no mediums and just a bit of raw umber on the brush.  When the drawing is complete I start on the raspberries just stating the local colors first.
Then I apply the darker values and when thats complete I add the lighter values as well.
I repeat the same process with the right side of the fruit tart where the strawberries and raspberries are at.
When that section is done I start on the body of the fruit tart, stating the main colors first going from light to dark.  
Then I apply the darker values and take it to a finish and do the same with the lighter values.  Then I add the cast shadows and background giving more of a finish look to the painting, this sets up the final touches needed in the middle part of the fruit tart.  When adding the background and cast shadows I'm being aware of edges and how soft I need to take them in order for them to recede. 
Then I start on the kiwi's stating the local colors first, when thats complete I introduce a bit of middle to darker values showing how light travels across the form.
Then I add the lighter values to the kiwi's and take them to a finish.  Then I start on the blue berries and just state the local colors again, the same as I did with the kiwi's.
Since blue berries are just basically two tones, it's an easy fruit to complete very quickly.  Then I start on the last section of the fruit tart, again stating the local colors first and getting the general statement of light  wrapping around the form. 
Then I add the lighter and darker values and took it to a finish.  With this painting I was still concentrated on bigger and smaller form modeling, I expedited the process by just stating local colors and painting the darker and lighter values which is basically the same thing.  By just simplifying this process one gets to see how simple you can render with the paints and push the values in each direction.  I hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by and viewing! 


Judy P. said...

I have to be at work on that day, Jonathan, else I'd be there pestering you with questions. You're going to give a great demo, I know!

SEILER said...

Awesome man!

Anonymous said...

I just love your paintings!
Thank you for showing your process! It takes a lot of dedication and tima.

Anonymous said...

You really need to be adding 'delicious' to your reaction boxes. Brilliant work as usual.

Anonymous said...

Definitely delicious. I admire your restraint from not eating your still life before you complete the painting. I on the other hand would be painting crumbs. Thumbs up to the pastry artist too for conjuring up such magnificent creations!