Monday, December 12, 2011


6 x 6 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel
I've never painted figs before and felt that it was time to do so, as you guys have noticed already I enjoy painting an object with textures.  Figs nonetheless has lots of textures they also have a bunch of colors going in an out of areas, challenging yes but a lot of fun learning how to paint them.  I wanted to bring back the wooden board to compliment the colors and textures of the figs.  I do enjoy the subtle value shifts and colors of these figs, I hope to paint more of these in the near future.
I started with the usual dry brush approach using a bit of raw umber on the brush and no mediums.  After the drawing is complete I stated the background and wooden base, by just adding the general colors and fall of light on the wooden board.  The colors I used on the background were ultramarine blue, naples yellow and titanium white.  The colors I used for the wooden board were raw umber,, and ivory black.
Then I state the darker values with there specific forms and do the same with the lighter values, doing so brings it to a finish.
After the board is complete I start on the figs by stating their general color and big form modeling, the colors I used were ivory black, naphthol red, ultramarine blue, and cad.yellow light.  I work on all the figs at once to create a unity with the finish.  Once thats complete I start on the small form modeling by breaking it up into two sections, first section I like starting with the darker values and their specific forms.
Then I state the lighter forms with their specific forms and bring the painting to a finish.  Even when I get to the finished stage I like to go back and see what needs to be pushed lighter or darker.  I also like to see add textures in areas that probably are not being pushed enough, sometimes areas may look dull and thats where the artist comes in and puts his signature on the painting.  One has to not only stay true to nature but push the realm of beauty and the feeling of life.

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