Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Orange with Blue"

"Orange with Blue"
11 x 14 in
Oil on Masonite
This is not an alla prima painting, this is a painting I did some time ago and just pulled out of the closet.  I really do love the color balance the orange and blue create with the dark background, gives a great composition to the painting.  This painting does come framed as well.  I really like finding these paintings after painting so many of the alla prima's.  This painting was a bit of a challenge due to the surface, masonite can be very slippery to paint on.  Usually I like to create a couple of layers of paint to get the look I'm wanting for the final painting, of course when I mean a couple layers its between drying times.  I do prefer painting on more of a textured base so the brush and paints have grip to them, but painting on masonite definitely humbles you as a painter and makes you see your weaknesses right away.  Thanks for stopping by and viewing hope you liked this one!


Jeanette said...

This is beautiful Jonathan. I agree,the orange and blue are perfect against the dark background.

I hear you on the masonite panel. My current painting is on a very smooth cradled panel and its giving me fits.:)

Logan said...

Great painting - the reflections and color combinations make this one jump off the monitor! About drying times for oil - do you find it takes longer on masonite? How long do you usually wait between layers, depending on thickness I would guess? Thanks