Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plein Air Painting

Contact me if interested in purchasing
"Lake of Isles"
4 x 6 in
Oil on Linen Panel
Today was raining for the most part and it cleared up around noon time, I went out with a buddy of mine for a quick plein air painting.  Here's a pic of our set up:
It was a lot of fun doing a landscape painting, completely different than what I usually do.  Landscapes are not my cup of tea for the most part but after today and just diving into this painting, I can say I changed my mind a bit about them.  Since the weather is getting better I plan to do more of these in the near future, thanks for stopping by and viewing. 

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Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Jonathan, how nice to be able to get out and paint. Way too buggy here in Maine right now. I get bit just running to the car. We've had rain for a week and will for a week more so we are incubating the little bugs in all this dampness. Love your blog! Enjoy your day. I am running to the car then going to an auction for some time out.