Monday, May 2, 2011

"Hanging on"

"Hanging On"
5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
This is the third installment of these fun habanero peppers and an asian vase, with the last painting I had fun with its whimsical composition.  This painting is no different, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a balancing act and also a story within the composition.  One thing is to paint something and try to render it to its highest degree, the other is to actually tell a story and connect with the viewer.  I wanna start creating more paintings that do that, which is why I created these little guys and try to say something.  Its always fun experimenting and seeing what works and what doesn't.
I started with the usual approach by using a bit of raw umber on the brush and using no mediums.  When the drawing is complete I started on the background, this will let me create softer or crispier edges, it also sets the value tone for the whole painting.
Then I started on the vase just concentrating on the big form modeling and stating the general colors.  I also do the same for the wooden base just concentrating on general colors and the fall of light.
Once those are stated I start on the darker values and its specific forms with the vase, I work on the design and subtle value shifts relating to the darker values.  Then I do the same with the lighter values.
Once the vase is taken to completion I start on the wooden base and just concentrate on the darker values and its specific forms.  I do the same with the lighter values and take it to a finish.
Then I start on the habanero peppers by stating the bigger forms first, Im just concentrating on the general colors and how light wraps around the form.  At this stage I'm not worried about details, details are not the answer in order to get a successful painting.  You have to understand how light wraps around a form and its edges, details come after when you've got the bigger information stated.  Then I stated the darker values and its specific forms, since the base is already stated its easier to render the smaller forms and blend them to their right state. 
I finished the painting by stating the lighter values and shaping them to their specific forms.  By playing over and over with painting in this manner you get to understand how easy it can be to render a complicated subject no matter what it is, of course some can be more difficult than other.  The point is if you understand how to see shapes and model them to their specific forms by understanding light then your ahead of the game.  Remember details are not the answer its understanding form and how light effects it.  Thanks for stopping by and viewing, I hope you enjoyed! 

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