Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Peppers & Vase"

"Peppers & Vase"
5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I've been wanting to paint this small little vase for such a long time, a friend of mine lend me it to paint and finally was able to.  These strong colors contrast each other so well, the cadmium oranges can be overpowering at times.  This vase is asian themed, the intricate designs which resemble a floral pattern was so much fun to paint.  As mentioned before the cadmium oranges can be overpowering, painting the peppers and keeping subtle value shifts within the oranges was a fun challenge overall.  The composition was also another neat factor to do, I wanted to keep it simple and yet fun.
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I started with usual dry brush approach for the drawing stage, just a bit of raw umber on the brush and no mediums.  When the drawing is complete I start on the first pepper just applying the local colors, at this stage I am only applying the middle values not stating any extreme darks or lights.  
Then I apply the darker values and take them to a finish, I do the same when I apply the lighter values too.  Having that base of local colors stated first or big form modeling lets me work out how the light is going to be falling across the form.  When I add the darker and lighter values after or the smaller forms it fits just right with the overall value pattern.
I repeat the same process with the second pepper, first stating the local colors.  When stating the local colors or the bigger form modeling I'm not concerned about details that will come after, I just want the form to turn with the general colors.  I'm also keeping the paints fairly thin at this stage, I like to go thicker when adding the smaller forms.  When the bigger form modeling is complete I state the darker values and its specific forms, I try to take it to a close finish and start with the lighter forms.
I then state the lighter values and state its specific forms, I also take this section to a finish.  When finished with the peppers I then add the local colors to the base and background.  I think filling all this information at this stage helps bring the overall values closer to a finish.  
Then I start on the vase and work on bigger form modeling while adding the local colors.  As you can see this stage I'm only worries about turning the form, making sure its believable on how the light is wrapping around the form.  Then I start on the top part of the vase and start to add darker values and its specific forms, I make sure these forms are working with the overall values. 
Then I add lighter values and its specific forms, I do the same as I did with the darker forms.  I then start on the body of the vase and repeat the same process.  After finishing the vase I go back to the wooden base and start to add the darker values and its specific forms.  
Then I add the lighter value forms and take the painting to a finish.  I hope your able to see that my process is fairly simple and straight forward, I like to concentrate on the shape and making it turn with the lights.  Details are not the answer to make a successful painting, it's the understanding of light and how it effects the form.  Thank you for stopping by and viewing, I hope you enjoyed this one!

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Brad Miedema said...

This is great! Wow! Look at that detail!