Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rest in Peace

Oil on Canvas Panel

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to a great individual and my favorite model D. Edward Wegner. I just learned today of his passing. I met Edward when I started teaching at the Bloomington Art Center, he was always very professional and always on time. For models to be on time is something that can be over looked but for Edward he would always be there at least 30 minutes before class and get the class prepared. Always giving a lending hand when needed. Edward was a statue when he modeled, he never moved and always did fantastic poses. Not only did I enjoy working with Edward but my classes really took a lot from him as well. His quiet demeanor and warm smile always made everyone feel good about themselves and their drawings. As my wife told me, my class and I were very luck to have met such a great individual. We have immortalized him through our drawings and paintings. Rest in Peace my friend. 

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