Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Tangerine & Vase"

"Tangerine & Vase"
10 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hi everyone I'm back! I was gone on vacation visiting family in Miami for a week, I forgot to bring my paints with me so I sketched in my book the whole time.  It was so good sketching again its been a while since I've drawn like that, I truly missed it and had so much fun doing it.  I'll post the sketches up soon.  
This painting is a little different than my usual alla prima's, I decided to paint a porcelain vase and a marble base.  These two surfaces demand a lot of concentration in order to get the textures right.  The lighting I used also created another challenge in order for them to look right.  Adding the tangerine was important in order for the chroma to pop and to keep your eyes moving around.  Playing with this lighting, composition, and objects was more fun than I thought. 
I'm sorry for these bad pictures its hard to get a good picture with such dark background, the glare is too much for me.  The first pic is of the drawing stage I used raw umber and no mediums.  Once the drawing is completed I start filling in the background with pure ivory black.  I don't apply thick passages from the get go, I keep the paints thin in the beginning and get thicker with them especially with the background.
Then I start with the vase just worried getting the form right and roundness to it.  Then I start getting down to the details just adding them in the right areas and pushing the edges.  I'm keeping aware of the form and how it turns with the light.  I've also added the highlights with just pure titanium white, I went really thick with the whites in this area.
Once the vase was completed I moved onto the tangerine applying the local colors first and making sure the form turns.  Then I go back to the darks in the tangerine and take them to a finish, I used cad. orange, raw umber, ivory black, cad. red light, cad. yellow light.  Then I add the highlight by using titanium white. 
Then I filled in the marble base by applying the middle color, titanium white, and raw umber.
This is the finished picture, I added the details to the marble and highlights.  Its fun painting marble again, creating its unique textures is always a challenge but worth it in the end.  I hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by!


Carol Blackburn said...

Very beautiful, Jonathan. Glad you had fun sketching. This painting is amazing. said...

very good Jonathan,it is nice that you incorporate the vase, you did a very good job on the marble,it is not easy,congratulation.