Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Prune Plums"

"Prune Plums"
5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
These plums are delicious to eat and even more to paint.  I painted this one in the same manner as the last two, painting in natural light and in front of the subject.  I'm liking more and more painting in this way there are so much colors and subtle value shifts you get rather than getting it from a photo.  To say i'm having fun with these paintings is an understatement. 
This is a picture of my setup.
I started with the usual dry brush approach for the drawing stage.  Once the drawing is established I stated the background and wooden base.  I stated the general colors first without worrying about the lightest and darkest values.  The colors I used were cobalt blue, naples yellow, titanium white, raw umber, and burnt sienna.
Then I stated the darkest values with there specific forms, I did the same with the lighter values.
Once the wooden base is complete I start on the plums.  I first stated with the general color of the plums and did a thin block in, the colors used were cobalt blue, ultramarine blue and ivory black.  Then I stated the darkest values with their specific forms.
I then painted the lighter values with their specific forms.  You can see in the darker middle value areas I added quinacridone magenta and cad.red light.
I repeated the same process with the other two plums and took the painting to a finish.  I hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by and viewing!


Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful Jonathan. Every time I see your paintings I am tempted to get out my Dad's old oil paints I inherited and try them once again. I started painting with them about 6 yrs. ago and quickly switched to acrylic and not watercolor, which I do love. But, the oils are calling me. Since the ones he gave me are ancient and I'm not sure they are the best to start working with is there a brand or type you would reccomend I buy? How about the water soluble oils they have now? I could use low odor oils that's for sure as my studio is small and I am allergic to perfumes etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Jonathan.

SEILER said...

Fantastic Jonathan . . . the texture and feel is so right on.

Irene Georgopoulou said...

Beautiful Jonathan:-)