Monday, October 8, 2012

Art Preview Party

This past weekend their was a huge art opening that I had the honor to be a part of.  A couple years ago Minneapolis artist Peter Geyen reached out to me to be a part of this huge art show that he orchestrates with his ideas and execution.  He combines many artist to come together to make his vision come to life, he of course has the main touch of all the pieces.  Peter's art is completely opposite than my own, that's what drew me to work with Peter and see how we can push the envelope.  I definitely went out of my own comfort zone when collaborating with these art pieces, at the same time I grew so much and gained a deeper respect with this type of art.  One of the way's this pushed me out of my comfort zone is painting on fiber glass.  
The surface is extremely slippery to paint on, using medium does nothing to help you paint on this surface.  You have to paint extremely thin to gain control of the oils, if you start to thick it can get uncontrollable really quick.  I learned a lot about painting when painting this piece, it's true what they say you have to go out of your comfort zone in order to gain and push yourself.  
This is the beginning of the night, there was a band playing and food and drinks were outside.
Artists who contributed.
Peter and Jed's great pieces.
There were a lot more pieces that I unfortunately did not take photos of.  Most of these shots were the works of my fiancee, I was away talking with people and completely forgot to take photos.  This is the second year participating in this event, I truly look forward to this event every year and hope to keep participating for many years to come.  To see the complete collection you can go to the IDS building in downtown Minneapolis on October 26 to November 10.  

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