Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Wild Peonies"

"Wild Peonies"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel

I did not think I would paint another batch of peonies so soon but I had so much fun painting the last one why not paint another.  I did have a cooler palette with this one on the right side of the batch, I wanted to play more with the color palette but in a subtle way.  I was not going to paint this one due to needing to get packed and ready for my trip this week to Miami, but I love painting to much to not do it for such a long time.  Once I start painting its hard to stop on a consistent basis.  

We are heading off to Miami tomorrow to visit my family and enjoy my birthday as well, I'm turning 30 and still do not  know how I feel about it.  Really excited though about the future and where its going personally and professionally.  I love going to Miami and visiting family, this time it's going to be extra special with my new fiancee.  I also wanted to thank everyone for the beautiful and gracious comments in regards to my engagement, could not have been so touched by all your generous comments.  Thank you!  I hope to post something while I'm there if not I hope everyone has a great Independence Day and a wonderful weekend.

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