Monday, August 22, 2011


6 x 4 in
Ball point pen
I've been away for the past week visiting family in Key Biscayne, FL.  I usually go to visit my parents and sisters but this time it was different, my grandmother was visiting from Argentina.  She came to celebrate her 85th birthday which coincidently falls on the same day as my fathers birthday.  I created this ball point pen drawing for her of my late grandfather, it was amazing learning so much of his history through her.  My grandfather was an amazing human being, I remember the summers going to Argentina  and spending so much time with him.  He was a gentle, always well dressed and very articulate man.  Drawing this portrait was a great experience and extremely honored and happy that I was able to surprise my grandmother with this gift.  I apologize for the poor picture quality, I took the picture with my phone.  
This picture is of the day I arrived in Miami and we went for a walk to the light house later that evening, it was one of the most memorable times that I've had with my grandmother.  As stated before my grandmother lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina I haven't seen her in couple years and wish I was able to do more often.  On that walk I asked her so much about my grandfathers life, it was amazing to learn so much and to hear what they survived and where able to achieve.  My whole family is from South America and my sister's and I are the first generation born in the United States.  Learning so much this past week of my families roots was an eye opener for me, its true what they say you have to learn where you come from before you know where you'r going.
This is a picture of my grandmother and father celebrating their birthdays 85 and 58!  I'm extremely lucky and blessed to have family like this, it was such a good time relaxing and celebrating their birthdays.  Now time to get back to the grinding wheel and make some paintings!


Carol Blackburn said...

That is awesome, Jonathan. Thanks for sharing with us all. Your portrait is lovely and I'm sure she will treasure it.

Judy P. said...

Beautiful pen drawing as usual, Jonathan, and a great family story.

Sharlette White said...