Tuesday, November 23, 2010


22 x 28 in
Oil on Canvas
This painting was in a show I participated last weekend and finally about to be done with it.  I wanted to post it because I am pretty satisfied with the results so far.  I also wanted to get into more portraiture painting and glad how this came out.  This portrait is of a friends daughter she's such a great model, she really never moves.  As mentioned before I wanted to get into more portrait paintings, I really love painting the figure and its one area that I really want to improve on.  Painting skin tones and also trying to capture the essence of the sitter is extremely difficult.  There's so much to learn from painting figures, I'm excited to do more!  


bricarwaller said...

Great job!! I want to do some portraits also. I agree it takes practice to get the skin tones down.

Judy P. said...

The sculpting of the face, and the radiant skintones are beautiful!

SYLVIANE said...

your portrait is striking!and it's such a change, after your still lifes!Bravo!