Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The Duel"

"The Duel"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
This pear painting was to much fun to not do, I love the clash of these two fruits with the composition, the reds and yellows.  They say so much with so little, now the question is who won?  I must say I'm getting little with drawls from not painting desserts and delicious pastries.  I went to the bakery isle and could not find anything, its okay though as stated before my waist size was expanding.  I think its safe to paint more fruits rather than delicious desserts and pastries.
I also wanted everyone to know that my girlfriend's recovery from the surgery is going better than expected, she felt some pain on the fourth day and was scared something was wrong.  After going back to the dentist to have the check up he said everything was healing perfect and the pain she was feeling was normal for the time period after the surgery.  Thank you everyone for your kind words I really appreciate it.
I also wanted to thank everyone who signed up for my first online lesson.  There is still time to sign up just email me if your interested or leave a comment and I will put you on the list.  I will be offering online courses on how to paint these alla prima studies in one session.  We will go step by step in each lesson and make sure you understand my process on each level.  I will offer a critique through out the whole process till the end result.  There is a discounted price since this is my first lesson I will be offering online, it will be $50 for the first lesson.  The first lesson entails of the whole process of the painting, my video demo that I will send to each student explaining my process in thorough, critiques through out the painting, and one on one help at any time to help the student via email.  I'm really excited to offer this course to everyone and develop it further, thanks again
I started with the no medium and just raw umber on the brush, I like using this method it allows me to draw with a faint line and get my drawing to my liking.  Then I started on the red pear stating local colors first and modeling the bigger form first.  I used cad. red, cad. deep red, ultramarine blue, and ivory black.
Then I went into the darks and took it to a finish, I didn't move from this area until it was taken to a complete finish.  Then I moved to the lights and also took it to a finish by adding smaller forms or details that worked with the bigger forms.  You can also see that I added the stem to the pear, I just added the big form modeling first and stated the darks as well.  When I add the big form modeling stage I usually use thin paints so I can manage the paints when I go thicker on top of it, it allows me to keep control through out the painting.
Then I added the lighter values to the stem, I also added the second stem when I finished the first stem and did the same process.  I started on the second pear doing the same procedure with the first pear, state the local colors first then big form modeling.  I used cad. yellow, naples yellow, cad. orange, raw umber, ivory black, viridian, and titanium white.
I worked on the darks after modeling the bigger forms, I added the subtle indents on the pear and also reinstated the dark to turn the edges more.  After the darker values where taken to a finish, I worked on the lighter values and again just stating the smaller forms.  When stating the smaller forms one has to be aware that it conforms with the larger form.  The subtle tones are working within the form, in this stage you have to take your time and really concentrate to get it right.
Then I added the top of the base by using cerulean blue, burnt sienna, ivory black, and titanium white.  I also added the dark of the base by using ivory black, cad. red light, and cad. orange.
I added the background when the base was done by using cerulean blue, naples yellow, cad. red, and titanium white.  At this stage I made sure to soften the edges of the base and really push it back with the background.  This is the finished result thanks for stopping by and viewing, I hope you enjoyed this one! 


bricarwaller said...

Terrific and loving the clever name. Best of luck with your on-line course, if I were an oil painter I'd join in:)

Diana Marshall said...

Love to take your on-line course please email me with the details to

Susanne M. Strefel said...

Hi Jonathan,
my name is Susanne and I´m from Germany.
I love your paintings and I´d like to join in your online course.
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