Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Nectarines 3"

"Nectarines 3"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hi everyone sorry for the lack of post I am re-posting this painting because for the time being I am extremely busy attending Michael Klein's workshop.  It's going so well I'm learning so much and there is so little time but overall it's an amazing experience, I'll try to post some things from the workshop once its over.  Michael Klein is an amazing artist his passion, belief, and dedication towards his craft is evident, to have him share his technique is truly a blessing to be a part of.  You can see his work here, thanks again and will post newer work hopefully by monday.  
I started with a dry brush approach as usual I now use raw umber instead of burnt umber, I feel it has a lighter value quality than burnt umber.  Then I started with the first fruit went straight into the shadows and I used ivory black, cadmium red light, cadmium orange and a bit of cadmium yellow medium.  I am making sure that this stage is taken to an almost finish.
Then I move onto the mid value stage, I used cadmium yellow medium, cadmium orange and burnt sienna.  Making sure the form is turning and the edges are blending well with the other edges, again I am taking this one to a finish as well going back and forth to the darkest shadow to see if I need to go darker or not.  Then I state my lightest lights which was cadmium yellow light, and titanium white.  After putting in the lights I go back into the shadow and see that I have a little of cadmium orange as a reflected light so I go in and put that in.  Then I take it to a finish.
Then I start on the second fruit, I started with just the shadows as well and I used ivory black and a bit of cadmium red, and cadmium red light.  Then I move onto the mid tones which were cadmium red light, cadmium orange, and cadmium yellow medium.  I am just covering the areas that need to be covered I am trying not build excess paint, if I do then the paints start to become uncontrollable and messy.
Then I add the lightest values and I used cadmium red light, cobalt blue, and titanium white.   I was going all around the fruit making sure the values where working within each other and also seeing if the lights were believable.  Then I started on the final fruit, again with the shadows and used the same mixture as the last one.
You can tell this process is the same as the other two fruits, I then went into the mid tones and when that was taken to a complete level I moved onto the lightest values.  In each step I take it to a finish making sure the values and edges are working well with each other.  When the whole painting is filled in I will go back into the fruits and make necessary additions so it flows well with the whole painting.
Then I added the base, I used burnt sienna, and ivory black.  I then started to add the smaller details after the initial layer was stated, I then added the lighter values which was burnt sienna, naples yellow, and titanium white.  For the smaller details in the wood I used cadmium orange and cadmium red light.
This is the finished picture, I added the background after I finished with the wooden base.  I used cerulean blue, and titanium white, I made sure to go around the fruits and soften where they needed to be soften and not leave a real sharp edge.  Then I carried the background color onto the wooden base so it can look atmospheric and I also added a bit to the nectarines.  I went back into the nectarines and just pushed the darks a little darker and added a little highlights here and there, overall I am happy with the results.  I hope you enjoyed this one, thanks for stopping by!

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Paintings by Patricia said...

He does do incredibly beautiful work and if he ever has a workshop in this area I will surely take it. Enjoy.