Tuesday, June 29, 2010


5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I liked playing with composition and how I can incorporate natural lighting into the subject, although its still I believe these guys have a lot of character too them.  This painting was a little hard to complete due to the world cup happening whilst I paint, I love soccer and everything that has to do with it and when there's a game on its hard for me to concentrate on anything else.
I started again with no mediums just raw umber on the brush, once establishing the drawing I stated the darkest values using ivory black and a bit of permanent rose.
Then I added the middle and lighter values I used cadmium red light, cadmium orange, and titanium white.  When I took the middle and lighter values too a finish I made sure to go back to the dark values and see if I have to push the chroma's due to the value shift in the lights, you constantly have to be aware of values and hues effecting its surrounding colors.  I then moved onto the leafy area of the shallot if thats called that not really sure what thats called, I started the same way as i did with the shallot first the darks and move up to the middle and lighter values.
I added the highlights to the "leafy" area using titanium white for the darks I used ivory black and for the middle values I used ivory black, titanium white, and cadmium yellow light.  I started then to work on the cast shadow using ivory black, cadmium orange, and burnt sienna.
I apologize for skipping so many steps from the last picture to this finished pic, I completely forgot to take more shots I get too carried away at times.  After I established the cast shadow I worked on the base and used cerulean blue, some of the mixtures in the cast shadows and titanium white, then I added the background colors which were cerulean blue and titanium white.  This painting was another delightful painting to make and appreciate everyone stopping by and viewing, hope you enjoyed!

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meera said...

Love your compositions -- the simplicity and elegance!