Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Radicchio 2"

"Radicchio 2"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
This is my second painting of a radicchio I really love the textures and colors they have, what made me paint this one was the silhouette shape.  This painting like the last one was challenging because of the textures and subtle values, the sense of light was also a hurdle to pass but still very educational to make.  The contour shape and textures are always gonna be one of the main components that attract me to this vegetable.   
I started with the dry brush approach a little bit of raw umber and no mediums, and then when the drawing was established I stated the darks.  I used ivory black, permanent rose, and alizarine red.
Then I stated the middle and lighter values I used titanium white, cadmium red light, permanent rose, and  quinacridone magenta.  I take each stage to a close finish once I lay the whole painting down I can stand back at and see what needs refining.  Then I added the darker values to the radicchio I used cadmium yellow light, cadmium orange, and ivory black.
Then I worked on the lighter values of the radicchio I used titanium white, cerulean blue and ivory black.  This was a tricky area to paint because of the subtle values changing with the form turning.  Then I started on cast shadow I used ivory black, cadmium orange, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow light, and titanium white.
Then I added the base using the same palette mixture I used with the cast shadows, when I added the base colors around the cast shadows I made sure to blur the edges especially to retain the focal with the radicchio.  The second picture is the final painting I added the background color which was cerulean blue and titanium white.  I also made sure to go around the edges of the radicchio and soften them, then I went back into the radicchio and added more highlights and reds to the leaves.
This was another fun painting to make still challenging but fun, I hope too paint more of these guys in the future.  Thanks for stopping by and viewing, hope you enjoyed!

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