Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Peaches 2"

"Peaches 2"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I've painted peaches before and enjoy there textures and unique coloring throughout their surface, the way light bounces within the shape gives great chemistry to the painting.  I know its been a couple weeks since the competition ended but I just wanted to thank everyone again for supporting me and voting for me as well, I'm so blessed to have won this and cannot thank all of you again for helping me achieve my personal goal.  Thank you!
I started with no mediums just a bit of raw umber on the brush and lightly draw the placements of the peaches, you don't want to hard on the brush or your lines will get darker.  The point is to have really light lines which will make it easier to paint over with thin paints, after the drawing was completed I stated the darks using ivory black, permanent rose, and cadmium red.
Then I added the reflected lights in the pit of the peach using cadmium yellow light, ivory black, cadmium orange, titanium white, and viridian.  I am making sure in each stage I take it to a close finish at times I have to go back and change some minute things because of the value or chroma I just painted next too it which is a normal thing, the important thing is to take that section to a finish and move on.  I then added the lights using quinacridone magenta, cadmium red light, cadmium red, and titanium white. 
Then I started on the second peach again starting from the darker values and moving onto the lighter values, for the darks I used ivory black, viridian, cobalt blue, cadmium yellow.  Then I started adding the middle and lighter values which were titanium white, viridian, and cadmium yellow light, with this one it was a tricky thing too paint I had to constantly be bouncing from lighter to the darker values, there were so many value shifts in that area.
Then I added the dark values of the base I used ivory black, burnt sienna, and cadmium orange.  After I took that area to a finish I started on the lighter values using cerulean blue, titanium white, burnt sienna and also took it to this area to a finish.
This is the final picture I added the background which was cerulean blue, naples yellow, and titanium white.  Overall I'm very pleased with this painting and really like how the reflected lights have some character too them,  I also missed painting this wooden board which is a frequent with some of my daily paintings.  Thanks for stopping and viewing my painting, hope you enjoyed!


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jonathan!.... "Simply peachy"!... Your winning the award Sir! Well-deserved it was too... not only for the level and consistent quality of the work... but more importantly for your perseverence and belief in your "Self"!

Congratulations Jonathan!

Good Painting!... and many more awards...
Warmest regards,

Lisa McShane said...

Jonathon - congrats! I voted and am so pleased that you won. Well deserved!