Sunday, June 6, 2010

"Serving Bowl"

"Serving Bowl"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far, this painting was a neat one to do.  The story behind this one is that I was at an Indian restaurant with my girlfriend and friends and the food was really good.  I noticed these plates and pots they were serving the food are so neat looking, I asked the waiter if I can buy one of them because I really wanted to paint them.  He told me that they were not for sale a lot of people try to buy them, then I told him I am a painter and I would paint it and return it.  As soon as I told him that he brought out a whole selection and told me to return it whenever I was done that there was no rush.  I gave him a big tip to say the least for letting me burrow these guys, and also for a great meal.  
I also wanted to let you guys know that the competition is still going, I am in the top ten of the Daily Painters art competition you can still vote for me and re vote for me just click here and when your there just click on 5 stars and your done!  I am so excited for this opportunity its been a huge goal of mine to be part of such a well respected organization.   Thanks again everyone!
I started with a dry brush approach a little of raw umber and no medium on the brush, then after the drawing was established I worked in the inside of the pot.  I used ivory black and titanium white in the beginning, I did start with my darks first.
Then I added cobalt blue to the mix to give the color of natural light, I made sure to take it to a finish and move onto the next section.  Then I added the darks in the body of the pot which they call "Katori", I used ivory black and burnt umber.
Then I started to fill in the mid and lighter values, I am going through each value stage and taking it to a finish.  I am applying thin layers in each stage this allows me to control the paints and its values.  I am using cadmium orange, cadmium yellow light, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, titanium white and ivory black.  Trying to capture the indents on the pot was challenging, it's such an interesting object though.  Then I moved onto the spoon which they call "Chamaccm", I added the darks first and moved on to the mid values.
I used ivory black, cobalt blue and titanium white to paint the chamaccm.  Then I moved onto the body which had some really neat designs on it, I used yellow ochre, ivory black, cerulean blue and titanium white.  Again starting with the darker values then moving up to the lighter values, taking each stage to a finish.
I then moved on to the base the majority of it had a mid value range to it, I matched the values and worked on the edges of the objects against the value of the base.  I used cerulean blue, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, cadmium orange and bit of ivory black.
Then I added the background which was cerulean blue, naples yellow, and titanium white.  I made sure to go to the edge of the Katori and blur certain edges that receded with the background.  As I have mentioned before edges are extremely important in a painting learning how to control and manipulate them is essential.  This is the finished picture, its fun again to take a breather from all the fruits and vegetables I regularly paint.  Painting these objects are a warm up for my larger still life paintings, hope to share those soon when I finish them.  Hope you enjoyed!


RUDHI - Chance said...

Very nice *stuff*!!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hey there Jonathan!... A nice change from the veggies!

Love the texture and lustre that "You" have captured in the surfaces... Well done Sir!

Good luck with the Prize thingy! "You" were already in the "Top Ten"... on my Hit Parade List!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

SYLVIANE said...

Very nice!

abey said...

Nice story behind this! Me gusta especialmente la cuchara en primer término!

un saludo

Lokelani Forrest said...

Quite a story behind this piece, makes it more interesting. The piece; however, is very, very've captured the textures and shine beautifully. Thanks so much for showing the progression.

Judy P. said...

Very nice painting and solid instruction, as usual. Congrats on making the Top Ten- you've got my re-vote!

Torrie Smiley said...

I love your blog! You are so talented and I love that you share your process - it is fascinating. I voted for you in the top ten~

SEILER said...

Fantastic textures here . . .!!!