Tuesday, May 18, 2010


5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I wanted to let everyone know, I got great news the other day that I made it to the top 20 in the Daily Painters competition.  It's been a goal of mine to be a part of their group, in order for me to move onto the final round of voting I need to be in the top ten.  I need to have all the votes I can get in order for this to happen, if you wanna vote for me click here and just click on the 5 stars and thats it! Its that easy, I really appreciate all your votes. 
I started with a dry brush approach no medium were used in this painting.  I used little raw umber on the brush to draw on the canvas.  I stated a little of the shadow shapes to give me a blue print where  I need to put in the shadows.  Then I added all the darks in the painting, I used ivory black, burnt sienna, and cadmium red.  I am taking the shadows to an almost finish, the reason why I do not take it to a finish is because when I add the other tones the darks will be effected by the tones around it so I will have to go back into it and darken it or lighten it.
Then I start adding the dark mid tones, I used cadmium orange, yellow ochre, and burnt sienna.  Then I added the mid light tones and lighter tones, I used yellow ochre, titanium white, and a bit of cadmium yellow medium.
By this stage I have all the information I need in the pear and I start shifting the paint around where they need to be placed and darken the shadows and add the highlights.  I am bring everything to a finish and moving onto the next stage.  Then I added the mid and light tones in the base, I used burnt sienna, burnt umber, and titanium white.
I then added the background which was naples yellow, titanium white, and a bit of cerulean blue.  Once I put the background in I made sure to go around the edges of the base and pear and soften the edges.  Edges are really important in a painting, they can either make or break you'r painting so pay careful attention to your edges.  This is the finished painting, it took me an hour and a half to paint this one and I am really satisfied with it, hope you enjoyed it!


SYLVIANE said...

As usual, Jonathan, great job, and I went on Daily Painters and gave my vote. Good luck!

abey said...

Well done, in an hour and a half is a really nice excercise. I like those warm shadows.

un saludo

Toby_K said...

Really well painted, well done.
I'm a 15 year old artist from Enlgand and I would love for you to check out and follow my blog:
Feel free to comment, thanks:)

Toby_K said...

Thanks Jonathan! :)

Linda said...

Just discovered your blog! When time allows I am looking forward to exploring further.

This pear is beautiful and I love the way you share your process!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi again Jonathan!.... This pair... the green pepper and this pear are simply... deliciously Aller! HAHA!!

"You" really do "push pigment" in a unique qnd marvelously facile way! Your description of process is really helpful to those who paint in your genre. Keep up the good work in both areas!

Thanks for your gracious words and sharing at my site... much appreciated my Friend!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Jesus Estevez said...

Another good painting, I see you very inspired,keep going, i would like to see thing a bit more complex, I guess I will have to wait for that. cheers.