Tuesday, May 4, 2010


5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
This is a small painting I did of an orange, it was so much fun too paint and so tasty after I painted it!  I wanted to go smaller in size with the canvas, I also like playing with the edge of the wooden base as far as composition goes.    
I started with a dry brush, a little of burnt umber and no medium.
Then I started to turn the form starting with the dark to mid tones.  I used Permanent rose, burnt umber, cadmium orange, and cadmium yellow medium.
Then I put the mid light tones which was cadmium yellow light and titanium white.  I am keeping the paints thin at this stage which makes it easier to work with and the drying time is much quicker.
Then I started on the base, I took it further than I usually do with the first stage but essentially did the same what I did with the orange.  I started from the darks and worked towards the lights with thin paints, I use no medium so its almost like a dry brush approach but just enough paint to move around and blend with other thin paints.  The colors I used was burnt umber, burnt sienna, cerulean blue, cadmium orange, ivory black, and titanium white.
Then I filled in the background with cerulean blue, naples yellow, and titanium white.  I went around the edges of the base and blurred them to have more of the focus on the orange.
This is the finished painting, I went back to the orange and restated the dark tones and also messed with the pit of the orange.  I stated the highlights with just titanium white and made it really thick to give the orange some texture.  The indents on the orange with darker tones are just thin paints on top of thin paints and constantly being aware how much pressure I apply on the brush.  I find a lot of similarities between drawing and painting, I hope you guys had fun with this one and thanks for stopping by!


Jesus Estevez said...

Nice Orange Jonathan, i like the wooden base too.Great work as always. Cheers

billspaintingmn said...

Jonathan, you could be a surgeon!
You capured the sweet smell of citrus too!

Mary Anne Cary said...

I love your site and your work. Very informative and helpful to see your progression, it is always inspiring to see how others work. Beautiful paintings.

SEILER said...

Now that is an orange!!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jonathan!... Orange "you" glad that you're an artist?HAHA!!

Great volume and tonal value control here Jonathan... all in one colour... not easy to do!

Another gem!

Good Painting!
Wramest regards,

Gary Keimig said...

great blog and great art work. Love your style and technique