Monday, April 19, 2010

"Turnips 2"

"Turnips 2"
6 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started with dry brush as usual with no medium, then I started to lay in the colors within the turnips going from dark to light making sure the form was turning before getting committed with details.  The colors I used were quinacridone magenta, ivory black and titanium white.
Then I just stated the background and base colors, I used burnt umber and ivory black for this stage.
After the background was stated I started putting in the mid tones through out the whole painting.
I then started playing with the texture of the wood and also within the turnips.
This is the final painting, not my favorite but I have to show it.  I was going for a quick and real loose painting, I think achieved the looseness but I do not think I achieved the quality that I wanted to.  As you can tell its not the technique I am comfortable with but I really love the loose and broad strokes that I see in paintings and respect it.  I think its good to try new techniques in order to develop yourself as an artist, even though it means to produce not so great paintings.  I hope you somewhat enjoyed this one!


Candace X. Moore said...

Pretty, Jonathan. Nice lost edges and highlights.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jonathan!... Right on the $$$ my Friend! "Recipe" art is a trap! Progress ONLY comes from shakin' the dice and rollin'!

Besides... Turnip is my favourite vegetable... this pair would make my table d'hote!HAHA!!

Good paintiing!

billspaintingmn said...

Your use of color carries much information!
These look delicious!

Judy P. said...

I like this painting, especially those loose, painterly strokes on the left turnip. This looks to me like your usual starts, but not carried through to your final, tighter finish. What if you went further on just a section of a turnip, and finished it as though your eyes were resting on it, and everything else is the periphery? Maybe the contrast would make the majority of the painting look even looser. This is just something I've had on my mind for awhile- I'm not able to gauge how tight or loose I want to be. But this painting reads well just as it is, Jonathan, and you always make me think!

Jesus Estevez said...

Hola Jonathan, ponlo de esta manera, lo que ya sabes, ya lo sabes, es bueno esperimentar con tecnicas nuevas siempre que el resultado conserve la belleza yla poesia que en si lleva un buen bodegon, y este que has hecho es muy bueno, esos colores morados le dan vida a este cuadro y el azul de fondo es precioso.