Saturday, April 3, 2010


         8 x 8 inches
          Oil on Canvas Panel
I started out with a dry brush approach, no mediums just a little bit of burnt umber on the brush.
After the drawing is established I went into the rose and started from the darks to lights, again just dabbing the correct colors in the right areas.
Then I started adding the mid tones blending them a bit with the darks.
After stating the mid tones I introduced the lights, again not blending everything to perfection just getting a general feel.
After the rose looks somewhat descent I moved onto the background and foreground.  I handled the background the same way I handled the rose just dabbing the correct colors in their right spots.
Then I went back into the rose and started bringing everything to a finish.  In the beginning I go quick but in this stage I start taking my time and going back and forth from mid tones to lights and to darks.  You need to take things slower at this stage to make sure you get those subtle tones right, if you go to quick you might miss those subtle tones.
This is the finished painting, after finishing the rose I went back into the background and foreground and just tightened certain areas and blurred other areas.  This painting was a lot of fun to do, a little challenging because of the pedals and the intricate colors that are within them.  But with all these small paintings they are a delight to do in the end, I think there will always be a struggle with any painting you do, but if you learn from the struggles and grow from it its all worth it in the end.  Hope you enjoyed this one!


ronit abigail said...

dear jonathan , it tuch my heart evety time i see the beauty in your paintings ,
thank you so much for sharing

echi said...

Good work!!! Keep it up. Your analysis of your steps towards the finished art work is great. Of course, your painting abilities are really good.

Judy P. said...

Wow Jonathan- your approach is always so consistent, and to demonstrate it with this potentially complicated rose is impressive!
Love the tonality and the modeling, love the colors! I am trying to be more methodical with my starts, but always end up confused.
Do you have to wipe off paintstrokes, and reapply much?

billspaintingmn said...

So enjoyable to see this! Those petals 'feel' delicate!
With springs arrival, flowers are always a hit! Got any daffodils?

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi again Jonathan!... So good to hear from you on my site! Thanks for dropping by!

I so enjoy my visits to your site and marvel at the facile way that you manage to bring foward the levels of finish... to the final product.

This rose piece succinctly illustrates this point vividly. Scrolling forward... one gets the feeling that the rose is indeed unfolding... opening for the very first time... before your eyes!

Simply magical...What other words are there? "You accomplish this with consistency on each and every project!

My hat's off to "You" Sir! Magnifico!

Good Painting my Friend!
Warmest regards,

John said...

Thanks for this work in progress
Beautiful rose and painting too ;)