Friday, April 2, 2010


9 x 12 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started this lemon painting with a dry brush approach, no mediums just very little dry paint on the brush.
After the drawing is established I stated the darks in the wood which was the largest darkest mass to cover.
I started the lemons with just dabbing the correct chroma and value in their correct spots, also making sure the big form is turning.  You can see from this picture how I started with the lemon on the left, I primarily just dab the color not really blending things to perfection at this stage.
This is how it looks when I am done dabbing the colors in the lemons, pretty loose but my primary focus is making sure the big forms are turning and it has a general feel of the correct light.
I then went back into the lemons and stated the darks and also the smaller forms.  Making those indents through out the lemons were fun to do and teaches a lot of how to create texture with these guys.
I then went into the wood and added information of the smaller forms.  I also started to introduce the background color to the base which made the relationship stronger.
This is the finished painting, I kept pushing the lights in the wood to bring out the details.  Overall this painting was a lot of fun to do, always learning with these little guys.  Hope you enjoyed!


JRonson said...

Beautiful :)

r garriott said...

A love the wonderful relationship of these lemons as they just touch... lots of personality!

Also I applaud your handling of shadows on yellow; somehthing that can be challenging in paint.