Saturday, April 17, 2010


8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started this painting with my usual burnt umber dry brush approach in the drawing stage, what I liked about this painting is the composition and the silhouette.
Then I started from the mid dark tones which was burnt umber and a bit of ivory black, I am keeping this stage fairly thin with the paints so its easier to build upon.
I then started to state the mid light tones and some of the blacks, for the mid light tones I used cadmium yellow light, naples yellow, and a little of titanium white.  For the blacks just ivory black and I also went into the shadows of the bananas with burnt umber and cadmium orange.  Whats important from this stage is making sure the forms are turning according to the fall of light, just concentrating on the larger forms and not on the details.
Then I covered the base which was burnt umber and ivory black.  I just stated the overall tone of the base not putting anymore information and also keeping the paints thin.
From the base I moved onto the background which I used naples yellow, cerulean blue, and titanium white.  When I am done covering the background I go back where the edges meets the bananas and base to soften the edges.  Its important to play with the edges, it's a vital role in creating the illusion of reality with you'r painting
I then went back into the bananas and starting to smooth things out, adding a thin layer of paint in the shadow areas and also adding thicker paints in the lights.  Now when I say thicker paints I do not mean I add so much paint I am just adding a tad bit more paint than what I would in the thinner areas its all what the area of the painting calls for.  I am also adding the smaller forms in the bananas to give them some character.
Then I moved onto the base and started to add the smaller forms, I used cadmium orange and burnt umber to add the grains and reflected lights.  You can see better with this picture the true color of the background, this is the finished painting I would love to go on and add more details but these are daily paintings and you have to know when to stop.  Sorry for the delay in posting this one I have been really busy lately but getting back on track!  Thanks again for stopping by and viewing, hope you enjoyed this one!


billspaintingmn said...

We go through alot af bananas at our house, so I know a good banana when I see one!
One of the coolest things about your painting skill Jonathan is you have an uncanny abillity
to evoke the scent of things..
I noticed it with the roses, and the necterines.
Now with the bananas!
Is this something you are aware of!? How do you do this?
I see other paintings of food, but yours has
that 'extra' something!
I may have to run to Dairy Queen for a split!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi again Jonathan!.... Love the painting and commentary that you have been adding re: your painting process. It will sure encourage others who love and work in the still life genre.

Thank "You" for your latest visit to my site... and for leaving your encouraging comments.

I hope you don't mind... bit I have added your site plus a thumbnail to my Blog Favourites. I really do admire your work and ideas!

Good Painting my Friend!
Warm regards,

Jesus Estevez said...

Un trabajo muy bueno Jonathan, estos platanos parecen muy reales, un saludo y continua haciendo tan buenos trabajos.

SEILER said...

WHOA!!!!!! So good!

Violetta Smith said...

It looks like you went out of your comfort zone, but it worked. It is a great painting.