Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Tomatoes 1"

"Tomatoes 1"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started off with a dry brush approach, getting the right placement on the canvas and make it somewhat interesting visually.
After the drawing was completed I went into the tomatoes and established the local colors and went from the light tones to the darker tones.  Not blending everything to perfection just stating the general feel.
I then went into the wooden base and did the same, adding the local colors and getting a general feel.
I then went into the background and added the grey bluish tone and blended the edges with the wooden base and tomatoes.  I took the edges of the left tomato further than the right to give more of a focal point to the tomato on the right.
After messing around with the edges I went back into the wooden base and added the details.  I also went back into the tomatoes and pushed the darks darker and blended other areas further to give the smooth feel that the skin of the tomato gives off.  This painting was a lot of fun to do overall, I hope you enjoyed this one!


rahina q.h. said...

i love how you capture the light in these still lifes. and for the darker parts of the red what did you use? i was also wondering which brushes you use? thanks r.

ronit abigail said...

dear jonathan
i enjoy so much your paintings
thank you for sharing ,