Monday, March 29, 2010


7 x 9 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started this painting with a dry brush approach, as you can see thats my norm when I do these small paintings.  I also do not use any mediums in these paintings, just varnish in the end to seal it after its dried.
After the drawing was established I went into the leaves of the strawberries, I don't know why I did these first I guess they stood out at me from the beginning.  I went from dark to light and also not going too thick with the paints, remember in the beginning its best to go thin then you're finishing layer could be thicker.
After the leaves were stated I went into the strawberries, at this point I think I know what I am doing but I really don't.  Reason being these guys are tricky to paint, they look easy with their textures but they are not that easy.  You cannot handle this like a normal painting, back to my original thought at this stage I was applying the major local colors first, making the form turn.
After stating the forms with their somewhat correct colors, I went to the background and base.  At this point I am just laying the major information and leaving the smaller information till the end.
I went back into the strawberries and started hacking away at it.  I started to add smaller information and really learned a lot about these textures, they are more challenging then what I thought they would have been.  I wish I had more time with these guys but they are meant to be quick paintings so you take as much as you can from the short period of time you have to make them.
After adding more details to the strawberries I then went back to the leaves and brought out the darks.  I then went into the wood and also stated the smaller details which brought the painting together as well.  Overall I had a lot of fun with this one, very challenging but I learned a lot.  You can't always apply the same technique to every painting, you have to be versatile in order to achieve certain looks.  I hope you guys enjoyed this one, cheers!


Shelley Ross said...

Beautiful strawberries. How long did you spend on it?

billspaintingmn said...

These look tasty Jonathan! They look super real! Wow!