Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Star Fruit"

"Star Fruit"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Belgium Linen Panel
I started with a dry brush approach, I used burnt umber and no medium.
Then I just filled in the middle tone darks, not going too dark.
Then I added the local colors to the star fruit, not blending everything to perfection at this stage.  I am just stating the correct colors in their correct placements.
Then I added the background and went in the edges of the star fruit to push some areas back and bring some forward.
I then started to add details to the wood, which also gives it some movement in a subtle way.
This is the finished painting, after finishing the wood, I went back into the star fruits and added the subtle shifts of tones with the darks.  I also added little details on the light areas of the star fruit.  This painting was fun to do I have always wanted to do a painting of star fruits for some time now.  My mother has a lot of these guys in her backyard laying around, and they are really delicious to drink when they are squeezed into juice form.  I hope you had fun and enjoyed this one!


SEILER said...

Man, this is awesome . . . they look like you could just pick them up! Amazing man!

ronit abigail said...

i learn so much from you jonathan , thank you for sharing , again this is amazing painting, i love it.

Violetta Smith said...

Absolutely flawless! You make it look easy.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Last time I ate one of these I was in Honduras - good memories.

Anonymous said...

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