Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Pink Roses"

"Pink Roses"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started this painting with a dry brush approach as I usually do, I went pretty intricate with the drawing since the roses have so much geometric shapes within them.
I then filled in the background first, I wanted it to dry faster before I put the second coat on.  I went pretty loose and thin not worrying about getting things perfectly flat and smooth.
Then I started adding the leaves I am kind of working from dark to light, I first stated the darkest darks which is the background, now I'm stating the mid darks which are the leaves.  Again not getting it detailed at first just dabbing the color in the right place and molding it from there.
Then I start moving into the lighter mid tones and highlights.  I approach the roses in a different manner this time, instead of dabbing different chroma values here and there and making it work, I essentially did a fall of light with the roses.  Meaning I went from mid value pink chroma to the lightest value and made those gradual blends, not worrying about every individual leaf.  Having this rough information in first is my blue print and I have a better understanding where to take my painting, essentially this is my gesture drawing if I were doing a long figure drawing pose.  If the gesture is not working in the beginning then the life of the pose is not gonna work overall.
I then started adding more details to the roses and pushing the values where they needed to be pushed.
This is the finished painting, after adding more detail to the roses I went back to the background by this time it has dried enough for me to add a second coat without picking up the first coat.  After filling in the background I refined the leaf's and kept playing with the chroma's.  I had a lot of fun painting these flowers, It was a nice break from painting so many vegetables and fruits.  I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did!

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RUDHI - Chance said...

Enjoy your paint-flowering!