Friday, March 5, 2010

"Heirloom Tomato"

"Heirloom Tomato"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started with a dry brush again not using any mediums through out the whole painting, really trying to gain control of the paints without relying on the mediums.
After the rough drawing is done I went in and added the local colors, not diving into much with the intricacy of colors just stating a general feel.  I am also making sure the form is turning and the values are right.  The biggest thing in the first stage is making the form turn, if you put it off till the end you'r painting will never look right.

After the form is turning and I am satisfied with the general colors I start stating the background and the base.  I chose to have a black background so the colors of the tomato can be more vibrant, with the base I just put a general color not putting too much details yet.

I then started adding smaller shapes to the tomato, making sure the smaller shapes are turning with the bigger shapes.  At this stage I ran into difficulty getting the glowing colors that were hidden in the tomato, it seemed like they were trying to get out.  It was a challenge to convey that in the painting.

This is the finished painting, I added the darkest darks in the base and also clarified the colors within the tomato.  I went back into the base and brightened the chroma and value.  This painting was a lot of fun and challenging to do, I learned a lot from it.  Hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

there are so many things that you mention in this post about how you worked and i can identify with the thoughts but struggle to achieve. it is the strangest most wonderful tomato i've ever seen!

Lokelani Forrest said...

Beautiful. I've seen tomatoes like this one, but after seeing your painting I'm looking at tomatoes differently. Thanks for going through your process. Very helpful.

Judy P. said...

I like your quirky tomato; there are some abstract qualities going on that makes it rise above simple realism. Helpful indeed!

Bruce Sherman said...

Yo Jonathan!.... Sorry that I haven't dropped by in the last while. You really have "racked up the balls"... and came out with a great break! Wonderful work... all the way along and I love the detailed play-by-play!Very informative!

Always enjoy your rich and contrasting use of colour!

Good Painting and warm regards,