Monday, March 8, 2010


8 x 10 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started this painting with a dry brush, no mediums just a little of burnt umber on the brush.  What I like about drawing this way on the canvas it feels as if I was drawing with charcoal, my values are pretty easy to control.
Sorry for the yellowish tint of this picture, I had to recharge the battery of my big camera and resorted to the point and shoot camera.  I guess you can see from this picture that I filled in the background first, going from dark to light and also put dead coloring on the base.
Then I filled in the grapes and vase, in all these areas that I started to paint I think of going from dark to light and also making sure the forms turning according to the light.
Then I went in to the flower and had a lot of fun painting it.  I went really thick on the pedals, I love it when you can see the paint emerge from the painting I think it gives it a whole new dimension to it.  With the flower there was not much of big forms to model or the light turning it was just a play of light into light.
This is the finished painting, after stating the flower I went back to the base and added more of the lights.  When adding those lights to the base it ties in more with the grapes making the relationship more apparent.  Then I went in and filled in the little vase and clarified certain areas, I also treated the edges of the vase and grapes.  I went into the grapes and added hints of purple and light blues, kind of bouncing colors around, I had a lot of fun painting this one I hope you enjoyed it as well!


rima L.A. said...

hey, jonathan..
i was wondering what exactly is a canvas panel,
and what a canvas board ?

Jonathan said...

Hi Rima,
Well I was calling it canvas board for the longest time but I learned not too long ago that it is Canvas Panel. Canvas Panel essentially is a Panel that can be made of wood or a similar sturdy material, and the canvas is glued on top of the panel.

Judy P. said...

Another good lesson for me Jonathan; plus I really like the way my eye enters the painting through the flower, travels to the dramatic mass of grapes, and up that little stem to the center!

ronit abigail said...

thank you for sharing