Tuesday, March 23, 2010


8 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I started the drawing with a dry brush approach, getting the drawing down how I wanted it to look and getting the placement right.
I went straight into the Carambola adding the local colors, not blending everything to perfection.  I went from mid dark tones to mid light tones.
I then went and stated the background and base, after doing that I went back into the edges of the Carambola and softened some areas and hardened others.
I went back into the Carambola and smoothed out some areas and worked on the stem to make it sharper.
This is the finished painting I went back into the base and added the details.  I had fun with this painting a little harder than what I expected but nice to work on, these star fruits in Portuguese are called Carambola thats the reason I named this painting that.  I hope you enjoyed this one!

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ronit abigail said...

hi jonathan ,this painting is so lovely done , i love the soft edges between the object and the backround and the lovely colors, thank you for sharing . by the way what is panel?