Friday, February 26, 2010

Thai Eggplants

"Thai Eggplants"    
12 x 12 in
  Oil on Canvas Board
I started the same way as I usually do with a dry brush and took the drawing a little further.
Then I added the local color and did a little bit of big form modeling, primarily I keep it loose in this stage.  I did the same with the stem but did not add any of the mid tones or lighter tones, I figured with the slight hint of the darks should be enough to give it form.
Then I added the local color to the base and started the background as well.
After adding the local colors overall I then went around the edges of the eggplants and made some areas blurry and some hard.  I did the same with the base, then I went back into the eggplant and worked on getting the modeling right with the big forms.  If the forms are not turning no matter how much paint you put or highlights you add its just not going to look right.  After I felt comfortable with the big forms being modeled I then moved onto the stems, I applied the same level of attention as I did with the eggplant.
This is the finished painting, I went back into the eggplant and smoothed out some areas added a couple details that gives these little guys their character.  With this painting I was constantly pushing the edges further than what they were to give the illusion of going back into the distance and coming forward.  Usually I do not like having hard edges with my paintings, once you have a hard edge it becomes a highlight your eyes are constantly going to it.  Now don't get me wrong there are some areas in the painting where hard edges are a must, but you have to know when to use them.  Hope you enjoyed this one!


RUDHI - Chance said...

Hey eyecatcher and masterpainter! I'm excited and have to take care, not too get too much influenced!!! Love this Three-connection...

momamama said...

Love it!