Wednesday, February 10, 2010


8 x 10 in
Oil on Belgium Linen Panel
This is painting I started pretty late last night, I believe it was around two in the morning when I started the drawing.  This is the same way how I started my other painting just a dry brush approach, to see how it will be placed on the canvas.
I didn't fill in the background like I have been doing with the previous paintings.  This time I went straight into the Tangerine, just worrying about modeling the big form and to always squint to make sure my values are correct.  
As you can tell from the previous picture I moved into foreground after modeling the Tangerine.  I moved from the foreground straight to the background making sure they are all working together.  After I filled in the background I blurred my edges with the Tangerine, then moving in towards the leaf area.  It was hard not putting in the highlights in the Tangerine, I had to avoid the urge so I can get the other components correct before I put the fun and finishing touches.  
This is the finished painting, I finished it close to five in the morning, ugh.  I was planning to get the major keys in and go to bed but I was having too much fun with this one.  After I filled in the leaf portion of the painting I moved into the Tangerine and worried about modeling the smaller forms.  The same goes with the base of the wood, through out the whole painting I was constantly squinting when I wouldn't squint I would start getting too caught up with details.   Which details are not the answer for a finished painting, they really aren't.  When you are constantly squinting thats when you are truly seeing a painting come a live.  Well, I hope you enjoyed this one!


Candace X. Moore said...

Jonathan, Beautiful image and good to be reminded about squinting. So important.

Judy P. said...

At two in the morning (!) I couldn't do anything but squint. But then I couldn't hold a paintbrush straight at that time anyway. Lovely fruit, and thanks for stressing that it's not in the details!

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Nighthawk!... Good one here! "You" sure "pulled the trigger" at the precise moment here. Bullseye!... All the way Jonathan!!

That highlight really sparkles and stops the eye cold!

Good Painting my Friend!

Warm Regards!