Monday, February 15, 2010

"Tangerine 2"

"Tangerine 2"
8 x 10 in
Oil on Belgium Linen Panel
With the beginning of this painting I was more in tune with the drawing for some reason.  I guess because I started a ball point pen drawing yesterday and when that happens I usually tend to draw the same way with the brush.  You can see that I went straight to the background worrying about the overall temperature.
Once I have my background filled in I moved towards the base, making sure I get the correct chroma and value.  Once that is in the correct place I then move to the tangerine, at this stage I go into big form modeling.  You can see that I go dark into light with the modeling, I don't go too dark with the darks I leave that till the end of the painting.
Once my big form is modeled to my liking, I move on to the leaves.  I'm only filling in the darks with the leaves the same way I handled the tangerine.  Then when I am done with the modeling the big form I move onto the smaller forms, I start adding the subtleties and also the placement of the highlight.
This is the finished painting, you can see after I added the smaller forms with in the tangerine I moved towards the leaf's and did the same.  There is no mediums used through out these paintings so it's interesting to see how they react to the surface and through out the duration of the painting.  Especially the darks, when I started this painting the darks where stated but not to its fullest dark, towards the end of the painting they were already sinking in.  The lights were also fun to do, you can be so expressive with the lights, it's hard not going into them in the beginning of the painting.  Hope you enjoy!


ian said...

You are a machine! I love coming here and seeing such nice simple compositions in your work. Then to see such complex realism in the subject is a nice combination.

Anonymous said...

fascinating to see the process for each painting. and a wonderful final piece.

Candace X. Moore said...

Jonathan, Beautiful image and it's great to see the process. Hope you don't mind a quick novice question, but what do you mean by "sinking in"? TIA

Judy P. said...

Beautiful work; it's interesting when you mention the jump from drawing to painting- that's my overall problem. I was a pen and ink drawer for many years, and frankly I never even thought about the negative spaces. Now with paint I have to render a background -what color, what value, what shading? That alone really messes up my starts. Thanks for another step-by-step!

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

Very, very, very nice. Very nice. Nice work, really nice work. I love your work.