Saturday, February 13, 2010


9 x 12 in
Oil on Belgium Linen Panel
I started this painting with a dry brush like I always do unless its more of a complicated setup.
I did not fill in the background, I went straight into the squash.  Did not go to dark with my darks, wanted to just have a general feel of the value and chroma.  
After establishing the big form modeling with the squash, I went to the base and moved to the background as well.  Always making sure to keep everything soft.

After the background is filled in, I started to work on the smaller shapes within the squash.  Again always squinting not worrying too much on details, although they are attractive you have to ignore them at this stage.

This is the final painting, this was more of a challenge in the end to finish.   There is so much details within the squash and subtleties that it's visually tricky to pull off.  I learned from this one a lot and wanted to go more into details, but kept myself back because details are not the answer.  Squinting and getting the general feel too me is more important.  The details serve as a supporting role not the lead.  Hope you enjoy!


Judy P. said...

Wow Jonathan, this is really lovely. Your orderly way of painting is something I'm trying to work on; right now it's just too chaotic.

Anonymous said...

Buena explicación y muy buena sensación de luz! Me encanta la iluminación fría

un saludo