Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Holland Baby Eggplant"

"Holland Baby Eggplant"
8 x 6 in
Oil on Belgium Linen Panel
Since I am not able to film my process, I have gone back to recording it through pictures.  I started the same way I have done all my other paintings with a dry brush to get a rough estimate where everything is going to be placed.
I would usually fill in the background before painting the subject itself, but this time I opted to just paint the pepper to get a rough feel of it.  The picture does not pick up the correct colors and value, but I did not go to dark in order to fill it in towards the end to avoid sinking in areas through out my painting.
As soon as the big form modeling is done with the pepper and stem, I then filled in the background with a light blue.
After filling in the light blue in the background I then covered the base where the pepper rests on.  This picture shows it darker than it needs to be, now I have all the information I need to go further and add the smaller forms and finish the painting.
This is the finished painting, I added a lot of smaller forms where it needed to be put.  You can tell the colors are really different from the previous pic, I put it in photoshop and brought out the true colors that the camera for some reason does not pick up.  I'm really happy with this painting and enjoyed painting this delicate pepper, hope you enjoy!


ian said...

You are a machine! Really love how you handled reflected color from the table to the pepper

rahina q.h. said...

i do enjoy following the process photo by photo. sometimes videos move too fast to reflect on things (for me) so i am delighted to see the step by step photos:)... a beautiful composition.

RUDHI - Chance said...

Very exclusive clear charakter to me!

abey said...

very nice and clear colors on this one!

nunca me atrevo a hacer bodegones, algun día haré alguno!

un saludo

Judy P. said...

I really like your step-by-steps, Jonathan, and love your color sense on this one. Did you just arbitrarily choose that sky blue- what was your thought process?
Also I finally got to the Foot in the Door, and loved Ivan- your calligraphy is so impressive! What paper did you draw him on?
I guess you can tell I am in a curious mood!
I finally found my painting, at the center main wall but kind of high up, but it could have been worse.

SEILER said...

Dang . . . amazing man . . . geez!

JRonson said...

Oh gosh i LOVE ITTT this is one of the best paintin's that i saw in a blog. i'm totally in love for this one :O it's so simple but so difrent, contragutlations man !!!