Wednesday, February 3, 2010


9 x 12 in
Oil on Canvas
Well, its been a while since i've last posted, I have been adjusting to my new schedule and also having two weeks of vacation did not help.  I completely fell out of my rhythm and it's so hard to get back into the producing machine that I was at before the vacation.  So I guess you can say I have been in a slump, but not anymore!  I am so happy to have finished this painting, I feel like I am back on track and ready to indulge myself into more paintings.
I started out drawing on the canvas with a dry brush, after I have the initial drawing down and the measurements look right, I then move onto the darks and also state some of the lights.  You can see that I left the big orchids untouched, I wanted to put the background in first en-then judge how light I should go.
I have laid in my first passage with the background, after that I go into the orchids and start playing with the values.  With this painting I was pretty limited with color, which was not a bad thing it really made me look at the value system a bit more and see how I can incorporate more color.
This is the finished painting, at this point I have done a second passage with the background and reinstated my lights.  I went really thick with the whites in some areas to get that texture that I wanted, and in the darks I kept it relatively thin.
This is a detail shot of the finished painting, you can tell the textured areas and the smooth areas.  With my paintings I always try to find a balance where I can achieve the two.  Hope you enjoy!


abey said...

este es maravilloso!! capta la delicadeza de la flor, y eso es muy dificil..

un saludo!

anahi said...

..once again you showed us your talent in a delicate piece of art like this...congratulations...

G R I G O R said...

very nice!

Jonathan Aller said...

Thank you guys I appreciate your comments