Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Il Siciliano"

"Eggplant and Lemon"
12 x 12
Oil and Canvas Panel
I started this painting with burnt umber and again in a dry brush manner as I did with the previous painting.  As you can see I started also to outline the shadow shapes, just lightly indicating where there placement will be.  I don't go to far in this stage it depends if the painting is really intricate, but with this one I didn't need too.
I modeled the lights and shadows pretty quickly, I went section by section.  I first started with the eggplant enthen moved towards the top of it.  After I finished with the eggplant I moved to the lemon, I started with the shadows enthen moved toward the lights.  In this stage I keep the paints pretty thin scumbling in the main colors I will use, I used no medium just the paint straight out of the tube.
After I felt comfortable with the modeling of the lights and shadows, I started the background.  Its fun blending the background with the objects your painting, you can play with soft and hard edges.
This is the finished result after two sessions, the second session I went in with a little Linseed Oil and brought back the darks and also added more chroma to the lights.  Its fun playing with different textures and techniques when handling the middletone and lights for finishing touches.  Hope you enjoy!
Detail of the lemon


billspaintingmn said...

Impressive, informative, and entertaining too!
Johnathan, your talent is all of the above!

Jonathan Aller said...

Thank you so much Bill!

Dominic Philibert said...

Amazing piece!
I'm glad I've seen it!
Beautiful paintings!!!!!!!!

SEILER said...

Man, you can paint!!!

Judy P. said...

Great work Jonathan- you are making me put up a quick grapefruit still life, and get back to painting.