Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adam's Portrait...

I started this quick portrait sketch of my friend Adam with charcoal to get the proportions right.

Once I got the sketch right I start with the wash in with a raw umber, I model my forms in a monochromatic way with raw umber.

Once I feel the shapes are modeled right and it has the feel that I want I went in and covered the background in Ivory black.  The mediums I used was Linseed Oil and Dammar Varnish, which I will next time just use a little of Linseed instead of using both Dammar and Linseed.

When the background is done I went in and started playing with colors on the portrait, which is the fun part.

I used very little Linseed Oil and primarily did this in two sessions.  Hope you enjoyed!


billspaintingmn said...

This is great Johnathan! I can feel the sun shining on his face.
The warm color and the hair. You have captured
a moment, a feeling in the sun.
This has impression. Very cool!

Jonathan Aller said...

Thank you Bill I really appreciate it!

Judy P. said...

Wow, your portrait started coming to life right after your initial sketch- dramatic modeling from the get-go! You have combined beautifully the geometric shapes with the distinct personality- great hair too!

Jonathan Aller said...

Thank you Judy!

SEILER said...

Nice job on this! BTW, I added you to my links . . . finally. I meant to for some time . . .

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Jonathan!.... Stumbled upon your site... really enjoyed my visit! I really love your ball point work... oil portraits and your sumptuous... rich still lfe work!

I'll be back!

Good painting!
Bruce Sherman

Jonathan Aller said...

Jason: Thank you for the add, I apreciate it.

Bruce: Thank you for the kind words, I'm really glad you like the whole body of work, I really appreciate it!