Monday, April 27, 2009

Study of an Ilya Repin painting

The image above is the final!  

I finally put the background in, which should of been done
earlier in the process, but I am so excited to get it going that
I forget about it (bad habbit!).  

I usually lightly do the shadows and go into the lights to 
model them.  Got to make the form turn and have the right 
chroma and value.  When I feel that is on the right direction,
I then start going into the shadows and refining them, which in
turn should be important in the beginning, it does dictate how 
cool or warm your colors should be. 

Started to introduce Terra Rosa, and English red to the mixture.

I started without toning the canvas, I did not use
charcoal in the beginning, just drew with the brush.  


Barry O'Donoghue said...

This is excellent- Beautiful lighting and skintones.

Dominic Philibert said...

Really well painted Jonathan!
Love the color you used!!!

Nico Di Mattia said...

Really really amazing job Jonathan!!! The colors are perfect! love the step by step, it's so interesting to see your process.
Keep up the cool work my friend!!!

Thomas Fluharty said...

LOVE it bro. Love the sketchyness of it. Great underpainting~T

Mike Eppe said...

Totally great!!!! Thank you for the making off!
Can you tell me how long it takes?

Ique said...

Great stuff, man!Congratulations! I love it!

Pavel Jakubec said...

great work

Frank P. Ordaz said...

Very impressive....I enjoy seeing the steps

Jason Seiler said...

Great job Jon!!! Looks awesome . . . geez!

Daniel Bejarano Casarino said...

Great step by step process Jon! And beautiful painting also congratulations!

Niall O loughlin said...

The finished piece is fantastic, thanks for sharing your process.