Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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8 x 6 in 
Ball Point Pen
I've always loved drawing it was my introduction into this crazy art world and always find refuge when I need to escape it all.  I especially love drawing in ball point pen rather than any other medium, there's something about its permanent quality that attracts me and motivates me to fully concentrate with every mark I make.    I saw this picture in a publication a while ago and was immediately drawing to the simplification of tones and beautiful textures in the skin.  Not really into politics to make this drawing a political statement, just wanted to try to render it the best that I can.  Needless to say this is not an alla prima drawing, it took more than a day to complete I actually did not jot down the specifics on how long it took, it did take me a while though.  I hope you enjoyed this one!  


Anonymous said...

Very..very.....very good!! no coment.., perfect!!

Karen Boe said...

Wow Jonathan. Ballpoint pen - really? Impressive, and fun to see something different from you.
I too will refrain from political commentary here. You chose a beautiful face and captured it expertly, and for me, it's a great reminder to keep up on those drawing skills. Wonderful, inspiring work.

Samantha said...


Jane said...

This is stunning..unbelievably well done, could easily be mistaken for a photograph!