Friday, January 20, 2012

"Green Heirloom"

"Green Heirloom"
8 x 10 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel

I always enjoy painting heirloom tomatoes for many reasons other than eating them afterwards.  The binding that happens from each layer is fascinating to me, there's also a subtlety of colors that you can see coming from the inside.  Painting subtle color variations from one layer to the next is challenging especially when painting heirloom tomatoes.  I also enjoyed painting this tomato because of the weather we had today, its been snowing all day with an occasional sunshine here and there.  I always jump on the opportunity to paint with natural light when given the chance and today was one of those days.  Observing this heirloom tomato and its subtle colors was easier to do with soft lighting, and as mentioned before eating them afterwards is a bigger reward for painting them all day.  


Pencils and Paint said...

This is beautiful! Love the interesting shape of this tomato. I've never seen one quite like it before. :o)

SEILER said...

Beautiful Jon!