Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Quince Pineapples"

"Quince Pineapples"
8 x 10 in 
Oil on Canvas Panel
These pear of unique pineapples I saw at the grocery store is something i've never seen before, I knew right away I had to paint them since their not the usual pineapples I'm used to.  I've been wanting to paint this red cloth for a while and thought pairing it up with these pineapples would be perfect.  Having to adjust to the daylight savings time has been a bit tricky to do, I have to start these paintings much earlier so I have sufficient natural light to paint with and to take pictures.  I haven't found anything that replaces using natural light it's the best source of light to use in order to have the purest colors.
I started with the usual dry brush approach using no mediums and a bit of raw umber on the brush.  Once the drawing is complete I stated the background and red cloth, with the red cloth I state the fall of light or how the light falls across the form.  The colors I used were ultramarine blue, naples yellow and titanium white.  The colors I used for the cloth were cad.red light, and ivory black.
Then I start to work on small form modeling by first stating the darker values with their specific forms. After the darker values are done I proceed to the lighter values and their highlights, for the lighter red areas I used a bit of cad.orange mixed with cad.red light.  After the cloth is complete I can then move onto the pineapples by concentrating on big form modeling, at this stage I'm just worried about stating the general colors and how light wraps around the form.
Once the form is turning and appears dimensional I can then start on small form modeling, at this stage I like to break it into two parts.  The first part starting with darker values and their specific forms and when thats complete I finish it off with the lighter values and their highlights with their specific forms.  The colors I used for the pineapples were viridian, cad.yellow light, titanium white, cad.red light, ivory black and ultramarine blue.  Painting cloth in a still life is something I've always enjoyed, one can learn so much by its folds and how color and light falls on each plane.  It compliments well whatever its paired with and I get a lot from the experience painting it.  I hope you enjoyed this one thanks for stopping by and viewing! 

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