Wednesday, October 19, 2011


10 x 8 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I did this painting today of my friend after our conversation that I do not do enough figures and portraits.  I completely agree with him and had a great talk about art and the direction we wanted to take our art.  He ended up posing for me for the painting, it took two hours to complete.  I was so happy to start the painting, to say I was beyond motivated is an understatement. 
I'm also excited to announce I will start teaching at the Bloomington Art Center next week, if anyone is interested just click here for more information on my classes.  


Peggy Conrad said...

such a lucky friend you have. great painting.
dont know him, but you've captured character here.
your talent amazes me.

Judy P. said...

Jonathan, is this the same fellow who posed for you at Dick Blick? This is great, and the gesture of the head makes it so interesting.
Two hours- maybe someday for me; you handled the hair just right!

Jonathan said...

@Peggy Conrad-Thank you and glad you like the painting!

@Judy P.-Thank you as well always appreciate your comments.

Shelley Ross said...

WOW! Please do more. This is an amazing portrait.

Carrie'sCreations said...

This is really fabulous!!! Good to leave our comfort zone sometimes:) Congrats on the teaching gig!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Jonathan!... I agree with your friend! Nice to see you add variety to your work... with new exploration and subject matter!

You have a wonderful command of your medium and process. It's nice to visit and see new sorties into the unknown... beyond the fruit and vegetable belt... and that distinctive piece of board!

Nice change! A sensitive... personal portrait! Well done!

Good painting... and exploring!
Warmest regards,

Brad said...

I enjoy your process paintings. Quick question about this portrait. What kind of white did you use? I have a feeling it's titanium?