Saturday, March 26, 2011


5 x 7 in
Oil on Canvas Panel
I decided to paint these subtle values due to there natural light appearance, the colors and values has a subdued look that I was trying to go for.  It's not easy to paint this type of lighting and glad I forced myself to do so.  As you can see I also started with a under wash painting as I did with the previous painting, the same situation occurred with the turps lifting with the paints.  It's always a great challenge to paint through situations that one's not used to.  
I started a drawing over the wash I previously applied the night before using raw umber and no mediums.  After the drawing was complete I moved onto the beet and concentrated on big form modeling, stating the local colors and how light wraps around the form.  I'm not concentrating on details at this stage just the overall form.
Once the bigger form modeling is complete I start to concentrate on the smaller forms wit the middle and darker values.  I make sure they smaller forms and their values are working with the larger forms.  
Then I do the same with the lighter values, applying more colors and still working with the bigger form modeling.  Then I start to add the smaller forms modeling them into the bigger forms.  
Once the beet is completed I start on the background and wooden base, I state both of them at the same time to get the general feel.
Then I apply the details or smaller forms when the local colors are already stated.  I really like the simplicity of the painting, as stated before the colors and values are subdued.  It was hard not to state strong chroma colors to pop it out, I had to stay true to my subject and learn how to paint such subtle light on an object.  I hope you enjoyed this painting and thanks for stopping by!

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Danielle said...

thank you for sharing your process...makes me want to get up and paint!