Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Cache" Art Opening...

This is the panoramic view of the studio space.
Hey everyone sorry for the long delay in posting, I've been so consumed getting ready for the "Cache" art show.  I was exhibiting along with a great painter Kyle Pettis.  It was so much fun having everyone there and meeting new people as well.  Getting ready for this show was so hectic, getting all the works framed and ready to hang was daunting.  Many all nighters trying to get the paintings just right will not be missed, but was well needed.  It was a lot fun getting ready for the show and having that adrenaline pumping, now to try to relax and get back to the swing of things.
"Bless my bloomers"
30 x 40 in
Oil on Canvas 
This is my new pinup painting I've been working for a while and was very excited to show it.  My girlfriend Angie posed for this painting.  I've been wanting to do a pin up painting for such a long time and glad I did so.  This is the first of a series of pin up paintings I'm planning to do for a one man show coming soon.
Detail of "Bless my bloomers"
22 x 28 in
Oil on Canvas
This is a portrait painting I'm doing of a friend's daughter, it's unfinished.  She's still posing for us and hope to finish it soon.  
This is the layout of my area of the studio, you can see my new ballpoint pen drawing under "Ivan Kramskoy" ball point pen drawing.  I will get a better pic of the new drawing and post it soon.
With my beautiful model! Couldn't have done it without her.
I was so happy with the turn out, we went threw so many bottles of wine and just had a ball!  I had a lot of fun and also want to thank everyone for coming out, I really appreciate it.  I hope to participate in one of these shows in the near future, they are lots of fun.  Since its over I'm pretty exhausted, but have to get back to my commission paintings and also the alla prima paintings.  Till then I hope you enjoyed these pics!


Virginia Floyd said...

Congratulation on your show, Jonathan! It looks wonderful!

I love your pin-up painting. It looks very 1940's to me. Beautiful work, as always!

Lisa McShane said...

Love the figurative work!

Judy P. said...

Jonathan, I didn't know about the 'Cache' opening beforehand- it looks great! Your pin-up painting is beautiful; I'm glad I got to see it in progress. It was impressive then, and amazing now. Congrats!